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screenshot_761Pricebenders Micro auction list continues to grow with TWO new Micro auction items: a 10 pack and a 20 pack of TripleClicks Gift Cards.

TripleClicks Gift Cards

image-s1-1x-1 TC Gift Cards are a fantastic way to help you spread the word about TripleClicks.com and attract new customers!  These standard plastic gift cards  feature an attractive TripleClicks logo design, and are redeemable for 6 TCredits and 100 MRP each at TripleClicks.com.

Distribute these cards as “free samples” of the TC Store to your friends, family members, and others in your community. They’ll love getting something for free, and you’ll be practicing one of the best and most proven methods for gaining new customers in marketing history!

image-s1-1xAll of your unique Redemption Codes are permanently assigned to your SFI ID number in our database. So, no matter WHEN the card is redeemed or by whom, YOU will be the beneficiary (so long as…

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