SFI News

SFI has launched A LOT of major changes and enhancements to our programs, Websites, and features so far this year. In addition to our recent, complete overhaul of the LaunchPad Lesson series, for example, we’ve made major enhancements to the Affiliate Center and TripleClicks Website;  launched the monthly Unstoppable Contest; introduced Milestone Shares, Designated Diamonds, and TripleClicks Product Collections; simplified VersaPoint rules, and much more.

With all these recent changes, improvements, and enhancements now implemented, it’s a great time to review your My Best Tip section and make sure your tip reflects the most up-to-date information about SFI. You’ll also want to check out the Blog section on your Leadership Page, your PSA Welcome and CSA Welcome messages (and any other articles, tips, tutorials, or advice about SFI on your personal Websites, blogs, social media posts, etc.) to ensure your information about…

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