Special FREE book offer!

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In December, we’re moving our shipping facility.  But what we don’t want to move is several thousand extra books we have in stock!

So we’re offering our affiliates this special deal:

Take as many books as you want for FREE; pay only for shipping.

Why would you want dozens or hundreds of copies of these books?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Sell them…for any price you want (and potentially turn a nice profit).

2. Use them as marketing aids! That is, you could offer free copies of these books for learning about becoming an entrepreneur and joining your SFI team.

3. Offer them as incentives or rewards for your team members.

Here are the books available:

Greatest Entrepreneurs, Volume 1 
By Gery Carson, with Jan Wallen
1,656 books available (23 cases, 72 books/case)
Order your free copies HERE.

Greatest Entrepreneurs, Volume 2
By Gery Carson
9,316 books available (137…

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New TCD Of The Week: Docolor 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set

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Inspired by the colors of the rainbow, the premium Docolor 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set is a must-have for any beauty kit and is sure to quickly become your go-to brush set for easy make-up application and a flawless appearance!

Beautifully crafted, this brush set’s eco-friendly, no-scratch glittering handles are easy to hold and are guaranteed not to fade with daily use, while the pastel pink, super soft fiber bristles won’t shed and promotes uniform and smooth makeup application. Safe for even sensitive skin, the luxurious feel of the Docolor brush set is sure to help keep you looking gorgeous for years to come!

Makes a GREAT gift!

The Docolor 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set comes with the following brushes:

1. Power Brush
2. Flat Kabuki Brush
3. Hightlight Brush
4. Concealer Brush
5. Eyeshadow Brush
6. Blending Eyeshadow Brush
7. Flat Definer Brush
8. Angled Eyebrow Brush
9. Lip…

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PTP game is back!

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i_contestsPTPWe are pleased today to announce that our popular PTP (Pick The Price) game is back at TripleClicks!  Not only is PTP back, but it’s been completely overhauled to make it more fun to play, fairer, and more rewarding, too!

The basic objective is still the same (predict the final price for an upcoming Pricebenders auction), but the main objective now is about scoring the highest point total for your prediction.  For example, pick the exact winning price and you’ll score 100 points.  For each cent you’re off on your prediction (either over OR under), subtract 1 point (maximum 100).


  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.00.  You score 100 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.90.  You score 90 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.50.  You score 50 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.05.  You score 5 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted…

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Last day to qualify for this month’s Badge Quest Bounty!

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TODAY is the last day to get yourself qualified for September’s Badge Quest Bounty! The pot is now up to $737.21! Remember, to be qualified, you need to achieve a new level in Badge Quest or be at Grand Master or Grand Master Elite status. Check your Badges tab now, and see what badges are available to you to qualify before the end of the day. And if you ARE qualified, be sure you have your BQ Bounty NUMBER chosen! The first number for the big cash prize will be drawn tomorrow!

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HURRY! Time is running out for special: $.99 CSAs + FREE PSAs!

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SFI News

This Saturday, September 30, is the LAST DAY to take advantage of this special offer!


We’ve got some extra unassignedCSAs currently looking for a co-sponsor.  AND, we’ve also invested in some special extra advertising that will be generating hundreds of fresh, newPSAs looking for a sponsor!

$.99 CSAs!

Would you like to boost your team with some new CSAs?  Now, until the end of the month, we’re making available 25,000 unassigned CSAs for just $.99 apiece (minimum order of 5, limit of 100 total CSAs per affiliate).

Just place your order HERE anytime between now and the end of September.  But don’t wait too long…because once the 25,000 are gone, this very special offer is over.


For every 5 CSAs you purchase, we’ll add one free PSA!  And as a special bonus, if you order 100 CSAs (in a single order), we’ll add…

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